LIVRELIEF™ Pain Relief Cream

Premium, reliable relief when all other oral and topical medications fail

  • Are you suffering from intense, angry, stinging pain that makes certain movements agonizing?
  • Muscle or joint pain or stiffness that’s put your gym workout on hold?
  • Or maybe it’s worse: relentless, angry, throbbing pain that never goes away
  • Your unwelcome companion day and night, interrupting sleep, energy and mental clarity.

It’s stealing your quality of life.

LivRelief’s secret?


A breakthrough precision delivery system that delivers natural active ingredients right to the source of pain, blocking 5 pain pathways

What Type of Pain Can We Help You Beat?

“I’m experiencing sharp, acute pain following an injury or surgery.”

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Pain Relief Cream

Soothe your muscle and joint pain – with our classic formulation, perfect for people suffering with arthritis.

“For more than 6 months, I’ve struggled with throbbing, chronic, angry pain that’s affecting my life.”

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Extra Strength Chronic Angry Pain Relief Cream

Beat the toughest muscle, joint, nerve, and osteoarthritis and rheumatoid related pain – with our Extra-Strength formulation.

“I’m suffering with tingling, burning, shooting pain on a regular basis”

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Extra Strength Nerve Pain Relief Cream

For fast-acting, long-lasting relief from nerve pain symptoms such as tingling, burning and shooting choose our cream specially formulated to relieve nerve pain symptoms at the source.

“I have a nasty wound and want it to heal as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Wound Healing Cream

Accelerate the healing of wounds, skin ulcers, bug bites, burns, bruises  and minimize scarring.

“I suffer from poor circulation – and want to get rid of the sight of those ugly varicose veins.”

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Varicose Vein Cream

Improve circulation and blood flow to help minimize the appearance of varicose veins.

It Works.

“I have hand problems, swelling, soreness, stiffness in my knees – at times my back bothers me… and this product has really made a difference in my life. It works.

Hockey Legend
Bobby Orr

For pain beyond your reach – reach for Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident LivRelief will work for you, and guarantees your money back if you are not completely satisfied.