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Our Story

Believe it or not, Delivra™’s founder Dr. Joe Gabriele didn’t develop LivRelief™ as a commercial product. The genesis for LivRelief was simply one man’s quest to find relief for his wife’s chronic pain. His wife had tried rounds of medications and endured countless side effects, but they couldn’t effectively combat her severe pain. Dr. Joe, a Canadian scientist, researcher, and university professor, put his extensive pharmacology knowledge and experience to work to find a non-medicinal approach to pain relief.

He focussed on topicals as they could target specific areas and didn’t have to be absorbed through the entire body. Due to their molecular design, most topicals cannot deliver active pain-fighting ingredients to the muscular level to stop the pain. After almost two years of research, he cracked the molecular code that would transport a broad range of active ingredients into the skin. Dr. Gabriele called his delivery system Delivra™ – a non-invasive, safe, easy, natural, painless cream base – a revolutionary scientific discovery in transdermal delivery. The technology utilizes a combination of carefully selected excipients and natural permeation enhancers to transport the active ingredients to the source of the pain!

When Dr. Joe realized the power of the Delivra system, he continued his work to develop several different plant-based formulations for various types of pain as well as products for varicose veins and healing cuts and burns. And that is how the LivRelief™ family of transdermal creams was born!

Inventing LivRelief involved extensive research, experimentation, and clinical trials to ensure the safety and efficacy of the cream. Dr. Joseph Gabriele's expertise and dedication to natural medicine and mission around pain relief played a crucial role in creating this product. His passion for creating the Delivra™ transdermal delivery system is helping thousands of people take control of their health with alternative wellness solutions. That is a driving force for the Delivra Health Brands team.


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