Healing Cream


Accelerate the healing of wounds, skin ulcers, bug bites, burns and bruises, and minimize scarring.

Deep cut, burn, painful sore or nasty insect bite?

With the healing power of LivRelief Healing Cream, the wound will be gone quickly – and you will soon forget you were hurt at all. LivRelief Wound Healing cream is formulated with natural, active ingredients used in traditional herbal medicine to aid in wound healing and help relieve skin irritations and inflammations. Apply it to promote rapid healing of cuts, skin ulcers, bug bites, burns, and minimize scarring – and feel better naturally.

LivRelief Wound Healing Cream provides:
  • Fast-acting
  • Natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents
  • Targets pain areas precisely via delivra™, a revolutionary precision delivery system
  • Safe, natural, active plant-based including:
    • Calendula, used in Herbal Medicine to aid in wound healing.
  • Hypo-allergenic; non-irritating.

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