LivRelief Varicose Vein Cream


Improve circulation and blood flow to help minimize the discomfort and appearance of varicose veins.

  • Be the free, comfortable and confident you – without the need for surgery, chemicals or pills. Using natural ingredients, our cream helps improve circulation and blood flow to help minimize the discomfort and appearance of varicose veins so you can get back to living your best life.
  • Help alleviate swelling, tenderness and varicose veins through our cutting-edge transdermal delivery system, Delivra, which releases active ingredients through your skin’s pores targeted to the source of your pain to promote healing. Apply twice a day for 6-12 weeks. Can be used in conjunction with compression stockings. Results may vary, and a longer duration of application may be required.
  • We take your safety seriously. LivRelief Varicose Vein Cream contains no Parabens, Petroleum, SLS or menthol. Our creams are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, non-greasy, and naturally scented. Includes Witch Hazel, a natural, traditional herbal ingredient to help improve circulation, blood flow and minimize the appearance of varicose veins. 
  • Our double-blind placebo joint study shows patients’ pain reduced by 44%, mobility increased by 65% and quality of life increased by 59%. Up to 8 hours of pain relief. Both the Delivra compound and our LivRelief lineup are approved by Health Canada and made in Canada, with ♥️.
  • Topical creams are an effective alternative to oral medication for acute and chronic pain relief. With delivery done through the skin, topical creams avoid side effects such as gastritis, dizziness and cardiovascular, liver and kidney-related issues. Relief is faster-acting than oral medications and empower you to self-manage your symptoms by administering your desired amount.

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