Find the Right LivRelief™ Cream for You

Whatever hurts, wherever your discomfort, we have a cream that will take the pain away.

Explore Canada’s best-selling line of clinically-proven pain relief creams:

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Original Pain Relief Cream

50g or 100g

Get relief from acute pain caused by arthritis, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, even menstrual cramps – with our trusted, original formulation.

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

“Extra Strength” Chronic Angry Pain Relief Cream

50g or 100g

Beat the toughest, most persistent muscle, joint and nerve pain – with our Extra Strength formulation.

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Extra Strength Nerve Pain Relief Cream


End the discomfort, tingling and hypersensitivity associated with nerve pain.

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Wound Healing Cream


Accelerate the healing of wounds, skin ulcers, bug bites, burns, and minimize scarring.

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

LivRelief Varicose Vein Cream


Improve circulation and blood flow to minimize the appearance of varicose veins.

Look to the LivRelief family of topical pain relief creams for:

Unequalled strength without dangerous chemicals

  • strongest pain relief available in cream form available without a prescription
  • more than a dozen anti-inflammatory and pain relief ingredients to soothe you
  • blocks more pain receptors (5) than any other over-the-counter analgesic

Safe and natural with no harmful or addictive substances

  • no parabens, pollutants, pesticides or environmental toxins
  • formulated from natural, plant-based substances, sourced from European and Nordic countries with the highest standards for environmental protection
  • more expensive but more effective
  • will not cause adverse reactions when combined with your existing medication

long-lasting relief

  • works within 30 minutes of contact
  • precisely targets the source of your pain
  • up to 8 clinically-proven hours of pain relief

Thanks to our LivRelief family of pain relief creams you can take control and fight your pain without a prescription. All of our creams are fast-acting  and uniquely-formulated with natural ingredients to get precisely to the root of your pain like no other,  thanks to our revolutionary Delivra™.

LivRelief is safe to take with other medications without risks of interactions and is approved by Health Canada.

For pain beyond your reach – reach for Dr. Joe’s LivRelief