LivRelief’s Transdermal Difference

What is Transdermal?

Transdermal and non-transdermal pain creams are both topical medications used to relieve pain and discomfort, but they differ in their mode of action and skin penetration depth.

Non-transdermal pain creams remain on the skin's surface, providing localized pain relief by blocking pain signals. On the other hand, transdermal pain creams penetrate the skin and deliver medicinal ingredients into the bloodstream for systemic relief. They are used for more intense or chronic pain requiring systemic treatment, such as arthritis and nerve pain. 

LivRelief is a Transdermal Pain Cream

LivRelief penetrates deep through the skin and delivers active ingredients to the muscle and tissue to provide targeted and effective pain relief. The active ingredients in LivRelief include natural plant extracts and essential oils that relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation. 

LivRelief is a natural and safe alternative to traditional pain medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, and muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

Delivra™: LivRelief’s Breakthrough Precision Delivery Technology

Delivra™, the transdermal precision delivery technology, is the breakthrough science behind LivRelief™ Pain Relief Creams. Developed by LivRelief creator Dr. Joseph Gabriele, it is an advanced delivery system that delivers pain relief right to the source of the pain.

Delivra™ works by permeating deep into your layers of skin and tissue, allowing the active ingredients in LivRelief pain relief creams to safely and accurately reach their destination: the source of your pain. 

The Delivra™ system is used in all LivRelief products to deliver a range of natural ingredients and medications directly through the skin to promote healing, wellness, and pain relief.

A unique transdermal technology, Delivra™ enables powerful skin absorption and the controlled release of active ingredients.

All LivRelief™ creams are powered by Delivra™ and backed by years of scientific research.