Oral Pills vs. Topical Analgesics

Take pill popping out of your Pain Management routine

What you don’t know about oral pills could hurt you

Oral or topical medication? If you’re confused about which to choose for pain relief, here is some food for thought. While both pills and cream block the transmission of pain signals to the brain, topical cream medications have many significant advantages you should be aware of – and important safeguards. Oral pain pills can harm you, while helping you.

Know the harmful effects of oral pain medications:

Oral pain medications must first pass through your mouth, throat, stomach, liver and small intestines – all the while breaking down and needlessly being absorbed by these organs. That’s before even reaching your bloodstream for delivery throughout your body!  As a result, you need to take a higher dosage of often addictive medications to get the results you need; which of course increases the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. 

This means that after the long process of being absorbed throughout your whole body, there is very little active pain-relief ingredients left to treat your pain.  The already-reduced amount is delivered by your blood stream all over your body. It goes to places where it’s not needed, like vital organs, rather than specifically to the source of your pain.

Why choose a topical cream?

Topical creams today are an effective and welcome alternative to oral medication for acute and chronic pain. With medication delivered directly through the skin, topical creams avoid side effects like gastritis, dizziness, and cardiovascular, liver and kidney-related issues.

Topical creams, like Dr. Joe’s LivRelief:

• Provide safer, faster, longer-lasting relief than oral medications
• Can be taken safely with oral medications and use as needed
• Have no risk of NSAID interactions or side effects

Here are four reasons to choose topical analgesic creams over pills:


Topical creams are applied locally and target specific pain areas.


They penetrate the skin and bring much-needed relief significantly faster than oral medication.


With analgesic creams like Dr. Joe’s LivRelief, you can be assured sustained time release – for pain relief that lasts up to 8 hours.


Unlike pills, creams can be used as needed – even with other medications  – and are therefore a safer solution for dealing with pain.

… And two reasons to steer clear of swallowing pain pills:


Oral medication does NOT deliver drugs to the specific location of your pain.


Most pills do not survive the gastrointestinal tract well. Even worse, they can harm the stomach, liver and kidney and cause gastritis, dizziness and cardiovascular complications.

The LivRelief Difference:

Unlike pills that pass through major organs and can cause stomach upset, cardiovascular problems and a host of other health issues, LivRelief delivers fast, effective relief through the skin, directly to the painful muscle or joint by way of delivra™.

Here’s a few reasons Dr. Joe’s all-natural LivRelief creams are a notch above:

No side effects or adverse reactions

LivRelief creams bypass many of the negative side effects associated with oral medications and can replace (or be safely used in conjunction with) oral pain medication, and other medications too. Thanks to delivra™, the ground-breaking delivery technology in all of Dr. Joe’s LivRelief creams, natural, active ingredients penetrate through layers of skin and tissues right to the source of the pain.

Powerful, all-natural, chemical-free antioxidants – and extraordinary absorption

Dr. Joe’s LivRelief Pain creams use unique organic molecules, many processed in distinctive and proprietary ways, to achieve a new depth of pain relief.

Dr. Joe’s all-natural, plant-based ingredients, include the bioflavonoid Rutin – an exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. With his revolutionary system delivra™, Rutin and other active ingredients are quickly and accurately absorbed to the root of the pain.  As a result, Liv relief creams allow deep penetration of these natural substances to the source, permeating layers of skin tissue, and prevents the absorption of any active ingredients into your internal organs.

Read more about delivra – Dr. Joe’s innovative technology →

Canada’s only Health Canada fully-approved topical pain relief creams capable of utilizing naturally-derived, active ingredient Rutin

Dr. Joe’s family of LivRelief creams are the only topical pain relief creams with active, plant-derived ingredients like Rutin – that are fully-approved by Health Canada. That means LivRelief alone can serve as a safer, powerful and all-natural alternative to oral medication.

For pain beyond your reach – reach for Dr. Joe’s LivRelief