Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in LivRelief creams?

Ingredients for all LivRelief products can be found on the page of the specific LivRelief products. Simply choose a product from our list of products to discover the ingredients of the particular product that interests you.

How long can I leave LivRelief creams on?

You can wash your skin 30 minutes after application, if necessary, as the active will be fully penetrated by that time.

Is LivRelief Wound Healing Cream good for all cuts or wounds?

Yes, LivRelief Wound Healing Cream was formulated to help heal major wounds such as post-operative wounds and bedsores, as well as more minor issues such as cuts, burns, bruises and bug bites.

What is delivra™?

Delivra is a new transdermal compound base that can be used as an natural, plant-based replacement for traditional synthetic creams to deliver medications when applied to the skin. Delivra is a patented, proprietary organic compound designed to harness the body’s own processes to ensure a greater depth of penetration in transporting healing substances. Delivra can be used to safely and effectively deliver a wide range of medications directly through the skin. 

Delivra is the base compound in LivRelief™ products. As natural, no-side-effect products with proven pharmacological efficacy, LivRelief products are unique in the marketplace.

How Effective is LivRelief Pain Cream
  • LivRelief™’s Retrospective Clinical Trial shows a range of 57% to 75% reduction in pain from consistent cream use.
  • LivRelief’s Double-Blind Placebo Joint Study shows patients’ pain reduced by 44%, mobility increased by 65% and quality of life increased by 59%.
What kinds of pain can be treated with LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

Great for relief of muscle, joint, nerve, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid-related pain.

Does it work on Nerve Pain?

LivRelief has a special formula for cutaneous nerve pains such as diabetic nerve pain, shingles nerve pain and sciatica nerve pain called LivRelief Extra Strength Nerve Pain Relief Cream.

Does LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream also reduce inflammation?

Yes, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream also reduces joint pain due to inflammation.

How much should I apply and when should I apply it?

It depends on the size of the affected area, but a light coverage of the area is usually sufficient, perhaps as you would with a lotion. You may use the product 2 – 4 times per day, depending on your need. Please see the usage instructions that come with the product for further information.

How quickly and for how long does LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream provide relief?

Rubbed into the skin at the site of pain, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream begins bringing relief within 30 minutes. The relief generally lasts several hours.

How safe is LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

Due to its natural ingredients, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream has an excellent safety profile. It contains no Parabens or SLS. Also, it does not contain menthol, a common ingredient in other topical creams that can cause burning if it gets into the eye or soft tissues of the body.

How does LivRelief™ ensure the quality of its products?

LivRelief Pain Relief Cream offers four powerful benefits virtually unknown among other natural or organic pain relief products:

  • It’s based on proven interactions between plant molecules and human cells;
  • The ingredients in its proprietary mix are unique, not found in competing products;
  • Does not contain Menthol
  • Only LivRelief products take advantage of the powerful delivra™ delivery system to help deliver active ingredients to the source of your pain.
Why is delivra™ a safer way to deliver medication than pills?

delivra’s composition acts as a broad spectrum of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. As a transdermal cream, delivra allows users to avoid the side effects of taking pills, such as dizziness, gastritis, and cardiovascular, liver and kidney problems.

When oral medications are taken, only a fraction of the actual drug goes to the pain trigger points. A certain amount of the drug passes into the organs. delivra avoids this problem by delivering the pure drug through a topical cream that penetrates deep into the skin to provide the medication.

With delivra, pain relief can be delivered directly to the painful area (such as a knee, hand or elbow) or systemically through the bloodstream. Either way, the compound that is used to produce the topical cream is made of naturally derived molecules that are safe. Users can even touch others without transferring a drug to the skin of the other person. All our products are hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. Please see the usage instructions that come with the product for further information.

Have delivra and the LivRelief™ family of products been approved by Health Canada and other regulatory bodies?

Yes, both the delivra compound and LivRelief’s lineup of retail products have been approved by Health Canada. All LivRelief products have Natural Product Numbers (“NPN’s”) issued by Health Canada.

Do you ship internationally?

Shipping is available only in Canada. International shipment is not available currently but we hope to offer it in the future.

What forms of payment do you currently accept?

We currently accept payment only by credit card.

What is LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

LivRelief Pain Relief Cream is the first product to appear on the market with delivra as its carrier base. LivRelief Pain Relief uses a range of unique organic molecules, many of them processed in distinctive and proprietary ways, to achieve a new threshold of pain relief. This cream is used for joint pain due to inflammation.

What are the advantages of delivering medication through topical creams rather than pills?

Topical creams are an effective alternative to oral medication for acute and chronic pain. With medication delivered directly through the skin, topical creams avoid such side effects as gastritis, dizziness, and cardiovascular, liver and kidney-related issues. Relief is often faster-acting than oral medications. Topical creams empower you to self-manage your symptoms by administering your own pain relief and healing medication.

All LivRelief creams are powered by delivra™ and backed by years of scientific research.

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