The Secret Behind LivRelief’s Success

delivra™: our breakthrough precision delivery technology

delivra™ is a specialty science company with a proprietary transdermal delivery system that shuttles either pharmaceutical or natural molecules through the skin in a targeted, fast and powerful manner.

delivra™, the transdermal precision delivery technology, is the breakthrough science behind the success of the LivRelief family of pain relief creams. Developed by LivRelief creator and founder Dr. Joseph Gabriele, it is an advanced delivery system that drives pain relief locally, right to the source of the pain.

delivra™ works by permeating deep into your layers of skin and tissue, allowing the active ingredients in LivRelief pain relief creams to safely and accurately reach their destination: the source of your pain. The delivra™ system is also used in other Dr. Joe LivRelief products to effectively deliver a range of other natural ingredients and medications directly through the skin to promote healing, wellness and pain relief.

A unique transdermal technology, delivra™ enables powerful skin absorption – along with controlled release of active ingredients

All LivRelief creams are powered by delivra™ and backed by years of scientific research.

Avoid the harmful effects of oral medication with LivRelief

Delivra™ is also the name of the publicly-traded biotechnology corporation, headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario

For pain beyond your reach – reach for Dr. Joe’s LivRelief

Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident LivRelief will work for you, and guarantees your money back if you are not completely satisfied.