Extra Strength Chronic Angry Pain Relief Cream - Quebec


Specially formulated to relieve the tingling and hypersensitivity associated with nerve pain.

Are you waking up with stabbing pain in the middle of the night? Distressed by chronic prickling, tingling, or burning you can feel all day? Maybe what you’re experiencing is like an electrical shock – or hypersensitivity so that just brushing your skin against soft bedsheets can trigger shooting pain?

Nerve pain is agonizing, and difficult to control and live with, but thankfully relief is here. LivRelief Nerve Pain Relief Cream provides fast, temporary relief from the challenges and symptoms of cutaneous nerve pain. It is an effective cutaneous nerve pain cream that delivers natural active ingredients directly to the target area – so you can get the relief you need fast, to sleep better, work, play – and live free from pain.

Recommended to relieve nerve-related pains such as post-herpetic neuralgia, and diabetic neuropathy, sciatica and shingles, typically any type of tingling/traveling pain.

LivRelief Extra Strength Nerve Pain Relief Cream brings:
  • Fast relief, within 30 minutes of application
  • Up to 8 clinically proven hours of relief
  • Targets nerve pain areas precisely via delivra™, a revolutionary precision delivery system
  • Safe, natural, pain-fighting plant-based ingredients including:
    • Capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory to treat shingles, diabetic neuropathy and sciatica
  • Hypo-allergenic; non-irritating- and does not conflict with other medications

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