Origins: Dr. Joe’s Story

How a loved one’s pain led to a scientific breakthrough in pain management

How a loved one’s pain led to a scientific breakthrough in pain management

Dr. Joseph Gabriele is a first and foremost a family man. He was an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, who worked with proteins that helped diagnose Parkinson’s’ patients, when his wife learned that she had a cyst in her cheek. During surgery to remove the cyst, her surgeon discovered a large tumour and removed it, only for it to later return – twice. Three surgeries later, and after suffering a severed trigeminal nerve during the third surgery, Dr. Joe’s wife was in a tremendous amount of pain. It was excruciating for him and his young children to watch her suffer. With his wife unable to even get out of bed, Dr. Joe took over household duties, and cared for their two daughters, on top of conducting his research. They lost friends, hobbies and their freedom. Their lives soon became little more than attempts at managing her pain.

Investigating the potential of creams

After many unsuccessful rounds of different medications – and countless side-effects as a result, including rashes, hypertension, and gastrointestinal problems – Dr. Joe took matters into his own hands. A doctor friend had reached out; he had been experimenting with creams that could be applied to the affected area to deliver an active ingredient to the pain source, instead of using an oral medication. With a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, Dr. Joe saw the potential and took it upon himself to further this research, in the hope of finding relief for his wife.

Safe, natural solution

One night he had an epiphany. Where do drugs come from? Many come from nature – usually plants and sometimes animals. So, he tracked back a group of isolated molecules that already existed in nature. These molecules were found to naturally block certain pain pathways, and in some cases deliver other beneficial effects. He searched and eventually found companies in northern Europe that extracted and supplied such pure and natural substances.

True innovation: a revolutionary method of penetrating to the source of the pain

After almost two years of painstaking research and dedication, he hit upon the right process and formula for the delivra™ transdermal delivery system. He then had a platform to bring a broad range of active ingredients into the body, without the need of pills. Dr. Joe called his delivery system delivra™ – a non-invasive, safe, easy, natural, painless cream base – and it was a revolutionary scientific discovery in the field of transdermal delivery. He combined those natural ingredients with his delivery system, and began clinical trials. The trial results were successful: this advanced precision relief delivery system was proven to targets more pain receptors than any other over-the-counter topical analgesic.

This was the genesis of Dr. Joe’s original Liv Relief cream.

From that important milestone, Dr. Joe continued his tireless work, finding new formulations and ingredients to treat a wider range of common ailments. It wasn’t long before the whole Dr. Joe’s LivRelief family of transdermal creams was born. Dr. Joe’s delivra™ and the passion that inspires him to continue to help others are what drives the company to this day.

Dr. Joe’s cause started with changing the quality of his wife’s life. It has now grown into ensuring that no one with chronic, blinding, nagging or constant pain should suffer.

Dr. Joseph Gabriele, Bsc, MSc, PhD

Canadian Molecular Pharmacologist, Former Assistant Professor McMaster University
Winner, Health Care EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Award

I’ve been dealing with a glute and low back muscle spasm for a week now from my new job as a file clerk in rather large hospital. Bending, lifting, pulling, pushing to retrieve and file charts in a timely fashion is important, but at the end of the day I’m not sure I can carry on with the position. I just purchased the cream after work today and applied it and WOW, what relief, I noticed it working within a minute and feel fully pain free despite the strain I have and I couldn’t wait to write my testimonial!  I think I’ll even have a great night sleep now!! Thank you!

Esther Weaver

Old recurring cycling injury

Helps me to get through and finish workouts without extreme pain in shins and allows me to bounce back faster to my next workout whether it is that day or the next; I can perform at the top of my game. I am using the pain cream along with the recovery cream and gaining great results in training.

Leah Lambert

US speed skater

LivRelief has been an effective cream for pain relief.

Dr. Ken Kinakin


All LivRelief creams are powered by delivra™ and backed by years of scientific research.

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