These are comments from actual LivRelief users. Helping people with pain is why we are here, and we feel great when we get positive feedback – so we wanted to share it with you. Pain can be a complex thing, there is no magic answer that solves everything for everyone – but we believe our products work and we expect them to deliver at least some level of temporary pain relief for a typical user, and this is why we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. If you’ve experienced the “relief” in LivRelief, we’d love to hear your story!

Bobby Orr

“LivRelief works!”

- Bobby Orr NHL Hall of Famer

“LivRelief is the only product I use to race and recover. The advanced science of LivRelief allows me to perform to the best of my abilities and recover faster and stronger.” - Tyler Lord Pro Triathlete and Coach

"Takes edge off of pain instantly." - Leah Lambert US Speed Skater

"I notice the difference within minutes of applying LivRelief to my aching joints” - Kathleen Guerini

"Recently, a customer who takes several medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis mentioned that the LivRelief Pain Relief Cream worked almost immediately. She also remarked about the fast onset compared to other topical analgesics.” - Lisa-Kaye Williams BScPhm, RPh

"I used the Nerve Pain Cream and slept soundly all night and used no Tylenol." - Angela D'Angelis

"This product is the most exciting all natural product that I have come across to date." - Dr. Mark Scappaticci

"I am diabetic and each evening my feet ache, and nothing has helped. I’ve been using LivRelief Nerve Pain Cream for over 2 weeks now and no pain! I can’t believe I’d ever say this, but it’s like a miracle!” - Joyce Wilson

"I am absolutely amazed at how fast this cream works and how long the pain stays away." - Adina Fast

"I was in so much pain I could hardly walk and lived off medication just to keep my mobility. Since using LivRelief I can happily say I’m off medication and enjoying my everyday life!” - Angie Nanda

“I use the LivRelief Nerve Pain Cream for my ‘hot feet syndrome.’ It works so well, I don’t need to keep my feet outside the sheets at night.” - Andrew Keenan

“WOW, what relief. I noticed it working within a minute and feel fully pain free!” - Esther Weaver

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