Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in LivRelief creams?

The active ingredient in LivRelief Pain Relief Cream is Capcaisin.

The active ingredient in LivRelief Nerve Pain Relief Cream is homeopathic capcaisin.

All other ingredients can be found on each specific product page.

What is LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

LivRelief Pain Relief Cream is the first product to appear on the market with delivra as its scientifically advanced delivery system. LivRelief Pain Relief uses a range of natural molecules, processed in a distinctive and proprietary way according to the patent-pending DelivraTM process, to provide temporary pain relief. This cream is used for joint and muscle pain due to inflammation.

How long can I leave LivRelief creams on?

You can wash your skin 30 minutes after application, if necessary, as the cream should be fully penetrated by that time.

What is delivra™?

delivra is the scientifically advanced delivery system with natural ingredients that drives pain relief locally, to the source of your pain. It works by permeating deep into your layers of skin and tissue, allowing active ingredients safe transport to their destination. The delivra system is also used to safely and effectively deliver a range of other natural ingredients and medications directly through the skin in other products.

How Effective is delivra?

  • LivRelief™’s Retrospective Clinical Trial, conducted in Canada, shows a range of 57% to 75% reduction in pain from consistent cream use.
  • LivRelief’s Double-Blind Placebo Joint Study, conducted in Canada, shows patients’ pain reduced by 44%, mobility increased by 65% and quality of life increased by 59%.

What kinds of pain can be treated with LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

Sources of pain and inflammation treatable with LivRelief Pain Relief Cream are joint pain due to inflammation as well as muscle pain.

Does it work on Nerve Pain?

LivRelief Nerve Pain Relief Cream can help provide temporary relief for nerve pain associated with diabetic nerve pain, shingles nerve pain, and sciatica nerve pain.

Does LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream also reduce inflammation?

Yes, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream also reduces joint pain due to inflammation.

How much should I apply and when should I apply it?

LivRelief creams come in various sizes and packages. The amount you will need for each use depends on the size of the affected area. Simply rub in the cream, and allow it to absorb for about ten minutes or until completely absorbed into the skin. You can use the cream two to three times a day as necessary to relieve the symptoms of pain and inflammation. See product packaging for further details.

How quickly and for how long does LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream provide relief?

Rubbed into the skin at the site of pain, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream usually begins bringing relief within 5 to 15 minutes. The relief generally lasts several hours.

How safe is LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream?

LivRelief Pain Cream is over 90% natural. It contains no Parabens or SLS. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

How does LivRelief™ ensure the quality of its products?

All ingredients in LivRelief products are certified and selected for their purity and quality. Sources are primarily Nordic and European countries, which have among the world’s highest standards for environmental protection. Comparably high standards govern the preparation of LivRelief products through a proprietary processes with rigorous quality assurance protocols.

Why is LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream better than other “natural” pain relief products?

LivRelief Pain Relief Cream offers three powerful benefits virtually unknown among other natural pain relief products:

  • It’s based on proven interactions between plant molecules and human cells;
  • The ingredients in its proprietary mix are unique, not found in competing products;
  • Its state of the art delivery system called delivra™ provides superior delivery of active pain relief ingredients and is only found in LivRelief products.
Why is delivra a safer way to deliver medication than pills?

delivra’s composition has broad spectrum of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. As a transdermal cream, delivra allows users to avoid the side effects of taking pills, such as dizziness, gastritis, and cardiovascular, liver and kidney problems.

When oral medications are taken, only a fraction of the actual drug goes to the pain trigger points because much of it is wasted on absorption throughout internal organs before even reaching the source of pain. delivra avoids this problem by delivering the medicine through a topical cream that penetrates deep into the skin and tissue, directly to the source of the pain.

With delivra, pain relief can be delivered directly to the painful area (such as a knee, hand, or elbow) or systemically through the bloodstream. Either way, the compound that is used to produce the topical cream is made primarily of naturally derived molecules. Users can even touch others without transferring a drug to the skin of the other person.

What are the advantages of delivering medication through topical creams rather than pills?

Oral pain medication must first pass through your mouth, throat, stomach, liver, and small intestines – all the while breaking down and being needlessly absorbed in these organs, before even reaching the source of pain. As a result, you’re subject to unwanted side effects. But what’s more, after being absorbed throughout your body there’s less active ingredient left over to actually treat your pain!

Potentially Harmful Effects of Oral Pain Medication:

  • Gastrointestinal irritation
  • Liver issues
  • Kidney issues
  • Dizziness
  • Cardiovascular complications

LivRelief creams help bypass many of the negative side effects listed above and can actually be used in conjunction with, or to totally replace, oral pain medication. Thanks to a groundbreaking delivery technology called delivra™, LivRelief creams are able to drive all-natural, Health Canada approved active pain relief ingredients right where it hurts. They work by permeating your layers of skin and tissue – avoiding absorption through your vital internal organs.

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